jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009


I don't listen to "The Blues" all the time, but when I do, Buddy Guy is the one I listen to. About three years ago someone gave me a CD of his. I didn't think I would care too much for it, but, I loved it.

I know there are some really great Blues artists out there, but Mr. Guy's style seems to appeal to me the most.

I hope you enjoy. I made the whole thing from various this and that off off Google, than I added my own techniques, overlaps, alterations, tones, etc, to it.

If anyone else out there is a Buddy Guy fan, feel free to post some cool bits of info for all of us to learn about.

One more thing, thanks for visiting. I'm going to load up two more Buddy Guy songs when I get the time; "Feels Like Rain", and "Moanin' and Groanin'"

I didn't find that many Buddy Guy vids on Youtube. I saw the concert ones, and they were nice. Here's my fanvid.

Any other Blues fan out there, feel free to suggest another artist since you can get an idea of the style I like from the style of titles I've chosen.

Vídeo 1: Buddy Guy and images of Chicago.
Vídeo 2:Buddy Guy and Jhon Mayer.


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Manso Cordero dijo...

Don’t be cruel Ybarra, I don’t understand…. Why you write it in English??? I think that this is a way of discrimination for the proletarian.. ja ja ja… what’s up? You want be a bourgeois? So, welcome to the club!! take it easy brother, I'm joking!!!


No me hagas reír, mi estimado. El proletariado (oh, sorpresa) también habla y escribe (en) inglés.

Manso Cordero dijo...

Oh my fuck! yes, you right... but, I'm talking about....- ya, ya, ya, basta!- lo decía por los desarrapados, descamisados, aguantados... ja ja ja vamos pues, you know, por los que hemos -me incluyo- llevado inglés en colegio nacional con más entusiasmo que acierto. Por los que alquilamos cabina pe' varón, y me estás hablando en difícil pe' te me estás poniendo charly!! ja ja ja ja ja

Julio dijo...

Ya pes tío Rudolf, este tío crolo no es el que sale con los Rolling en la peli que hizo Scorcese y al final Richards le regala su viola? ta bravo cocodrilo¡¡¡

Literalgia dijo...

Mana entendirquinqui, rurota lacue, allera masqui, laquiecu shucshu siqui mau llo, my brother.

Anónimo dijo...

Fuck Buddy Guy!
Albert King's the man!
(Not to be confused -please- with B.B. King)

iris mendosa dijo...


Anónimo dijo...

muy bueno el post, y bien por ese grone.