jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009


3 N T 3 R /3 0 0 1 LIMA-PERU


13 OCTOBER 2009

DEPECHE MODE,arrived on their own spaceshiup to the peruvian stage in Explanada at the Monumental Stadium in Lima /Peru, in great form. The main pilot DAVE GAHAN ,his alter ego MARTIN
LEE GORE and copilot:ANDREW FLETCHER,they all captured mind,souls and hearts of all the underground - alien
peruvian crowd there (including children)who had waited for seeing them performing for most than 25 years!

Totally rendered flawlessly while the set list was developing from smooth to up dance stellar atmosphere with an explosive dinamic energy and their dash of swinging 80`s,90`s and 2000`s resonance for fangirls,fanboys and fanparents,too!

These sonic sculptors with an A1 level in musical art statement did their perfect connection with the crowd pretty explicit.

Live shows will never reproduce songs as in a record studio but DEPECHE MODE reproduced them on the stage stapled together with an immaculate precision.For moments,DAVE GAHAN morphed into a crooner and in another moments he was so close to a MICK JAGGER and especifically when he walked one side of the stage to the other.DAVE, also practised on stage his dancing in circles with the microphone and showing his tattoed body,too! And there were also moments when the vocal aural spirit of VINCE CLARKE came to my mind while watching to MARTIN LEE GORE (sexy blond in white and with enfant angel hair) doing his part vocally and being so calmed himself.Of course it`s more seductive when maestro GORE plays the guitar in preference of backing vocals.

Muchachos! was the repeated phrase that GAHAN used for his connecion with the peruvian young people that got together around the stadium one day before the concert.

The songs of these Basildon scenesters came one by one from their set list for southamerica with great splendour and specifically the ones that made to the crowd sang were: Wrong,Behind The Wheel,I Feel You,Enjoy the Silence,It`s No Good...among others and with movements and incantations in a super orbit from its vocalist. And that means,too,that like most concert audiences ,they`re always waiting for the most four-square rythmic repetition so they can widely respond.The final stellar sonic gem Waiting For The Night sang by DAVE and MARTIN sealed the night so luminously.The ANTON CORBIJN concept for the stage in totally design will never be forgotten by the peruvian crowd.Never!

The peruvian experimental and avant garde act FEEDBACKERS opened the never forgotten show.
A perfect night that we give a big hand.


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Las gracias respectivas a mi amiga Helene Ramos por este envío.

Anónimo dijo...

Que mister Chip traduzca esa vaina....que yo no sé inglés.

Anónimo dijo...

Ha sido el mejor concierto a nivel plataforma, sonido, en fin, banda mítica con fieles seguidores que se ha dado en el Perú. NO conozco otro caso similar.

Anónimo dijo...

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